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EMLS Eastern Mediterranean International Transport Warehousing and Foreign Trade Incorporated Company was established in Mersin in 2021. By providing high quality, fast and safe integrated logistics services to our customers, we aim to ensure the continuity of the supply chain, as well as contribute to the sustainable development and growth of our customers. In line with this purpose, we continue our activities with the principle of creating value with the services we provide, keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.


  • We look for solutions suitable for your problems, not problems suitable for ready-made solutions. For this reason, above all, we listen to you carefully and try to understand your problems.
  • Before focusing on the results you experience, we examine the processes that create them. So, we reach the "reasons" in the background faster.
  • We create solutions with a perspective of project management. In this way, we can control and direct the performance of the solutions created.
  • While looking for solutions to problems, we look for transferable experiences from not only a single sector, but also from multiple others. And so, we can produce innovative and competitive solutions.
  • We attach great importance to research and development. We know that business diseases are constantly changing, and we are constantly chasing new medicines.

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